7 ways to improve your blog posts.

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7 ways to improve your blog posts | eSupport ConsultancyBlogging has emerged as one of the single most effective ways to engage with browsers, increase content value and maximise site traffic. While the concept may seem easy, many businesses stumble when it comes to creating engaging content that really hits the mark. To help you master the art of business blogging, we’ve put together this collection of insider tips that will transform you from a rookie to a guru in no time at all!

1. Call to action posts

When you publish a post, you want your readers to feel the urge to respond. Whether it’s leaving a comment, retweeting on Twitter, sharing on Facebook or purchasing a product, every post should have a purpose. If you don’t cause a reaction, you’ve missed the mark.

2. It’s all about YOU

When you’re writing a blog, using YOU is always preferable. Addressing your readers directly helps to create a sense of personalisation and intimacy.

3. Keep it concise

In general, keeping posts short and sharp is the best way to retain reader engagement. That said, lengthier write ups are OK, as long as they are concise and to the point. Whatever you do, don’t waste your words!

4. Use keywords with caution

Keywords are an essential part of drawing search engine traffic to your site. That said, it’s important to incorporate them naturally rather than stuff your content with strategic words. To maximise effect, make sure keywords are used in headlines, title and meta tags.

5. Make your product or service seem useful

No matter how amazing your product or service is, people are looking for answers to their problems. As such, it’s important to hone in on a specific issue and position your merchandise as the solution.

6. Get creative

While spelling and grammar should be immaculate, it’s OK to push the boundaries and get creative with your content. Colloquial terms, slang and playful text all have value when used appropriately.

7. Follow the golden rule – AIDA

When creating content, always follow the following guideline: Capture a reader’s ATTENTION by writing bold headlines. Then, hook them in with follow up sentences that intrigue. Next, work on building INTEREST by mentioning a surprising statistic or paving the way for an attention-grabbing story. Within a few paragraphs, you should have instilled in your readers a DESIRE to keep up to date with future posts. Lastly, conclude with a call to ACTION statement that inspires a reaction.

Following these seven tips, you should be well on your way to creating engaging content that makes an impact!

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  • Alicia -

    October 6, 2014 at 9:57 pm

    I always try to add something that makes people want to comment and share their opinion. I might ask a question that will spark a discussion or try to get a debate going about a certain subject. I might address a subject in a controversial manner so that people feel compelled to speak.

    I constantly encourage people to tweet or like a post. Just by reminding them to do it, I increase the likelihood of this happening tenfold.

  • Eric -

    October 7, 2014 at 8:23 am

    I think that in some fields, it is actually preferable that you make your posts longer because people want to know more in those areas. Most of the times, blog posts should be anywhere between 200 and 500 words to be easy to read and contain enough information to make them worthwhile.