5 new ways to use your Pinterest account.

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While Facebook and Twitter have reigned supreme for the past few years, image based social media sites are beginning to rapidly gain popularity. According to recent data, Pinterest is now the USA’s fourth largest social networking enterprise, valued at a huge US$5 billion. The site is surpassed only by its competitors of LinkedIn, Twitter and of course, Facebook. While company value is important, consumer surveys have revealed that Pinterest has now surpassed Twitter when it comes to popularity, with an estimated 22% of Americans now using the platform, as opposed to Twitter’s 19%. Due to its incredible popularity, Pinterest is a lucrative marketing tool that can be used in a variety of different ways. Below are five of our up and coming favourites!

Shine the spotlight on SEO

While Pinterest is fundamentally visual, it’s also important to adopt a SEO mind-set when creating content. Today, many social media buffs use Pinterest as a Google alternative which means that your title descriptions should be detailed, relevant and strategic. This will also help to increase your visibility by attracting browsers via Pinterest’s suggestion algorithm. Don’t make it too obvious though – text should be tactical yet natural!

Work with your engaging audience

One of the major distinctions between healthy and unhealthy Pinterest accounts is the level of audience engagement. While it’s important to create new content and respond to the content of other users, it’s also a good idea to take a strategic approach and make note of which followers are most active. Look for re-pins, favourite pins and comments. You can then reach out to this audience and use them to add an element of dynamism to your account.

Actively monitor reactions

While you may think you know what works, you may be surprised when you delve further into how your audience reacts to your pins. The all new Pinterest Analytics function has made this easier than ever and we strongly suggest taking advantage of it. With the ability to review detailed activity logs, you can keep track of popular pins, trending topics, influential followers and widespread re-pins. You can then use this information to create strategic content and maximise audience engagement.

Get mobile savvy

An estimated 72% of Brits now own a smartphone which means your content should always be mobile friendly. As well as being mobile-responsive AND mobile-friendly, you should also check that all images are pinnable and that your social sharing buttons are fully functional.

Make the most of secret boards

Rather than launch a half-hearted Pinterest board, why not take advantage of the secret board tool and wait until your creation is perfect. This gives you the time to conduct research, explore other boards and build a customise content. Plus visitors are guaranteed to be wowed by the overnight emergence of a content rich board!

(2) awesome folk have had something to say...

  • Jack P. -

    October 6, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    I’ve never thought about using Pinterest as a replacement for Google. I have had some problems with Google updates because some of my sites are not ranking at all even thought they offer quality and useful information. I think these Google updates are mostly hurting valuable sites rather than spam ones.

  • George -

    October 7, 2014 at 7:26 am

    Haven’t used Pinterest much and didn’t realize it can be a way to attract potential customers for my business, but seeing as it’s so popular I am going to. I had no idea you had an Analytics function with Pinterest. My wife has an account with them while I don’t but I am making one first thing tomorrow. I also need to have a look and see how my site looks on a mobile; didn’t know as much as 72% own a smartphone.